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Fresh and Frozen Poultry

We want to help both developing and established wholesale, food service providers and food manufacturing businesses find the products they need and to support our partners by creating sustainable opportunities for their products.  


Through our partners and our many years of knowledge and experience, we are able to offer an extensive range of products and solutions sourced from all over the world, in a wide range of packaging including Vacuum Packed, Modified Atmosphere Packaging and bespoke options to suit your needs.

Poultry Variety


Chilled, Frozen, Injected & IQF

Breast Fillets, Inner Fillets, Thigh Meat, Drumsticks, Leg Quarters, Wings, Whole Chickens

Chicken is a popular type of poultry that is enjoyed all over the world. It is a good source of protein and can be prepared in a variety of ways, making it a versatile ingredient in many dishes. From roasted chicken to fried chicken, chicken soup, and chicken curry, there are countless ways to enjoy this delicious meat.


Chicken can be cooked with different spices and seasonings to create unique and flavorful dishes. It is also a healthier alternative to red meat, as it has lower levels of saturated fat. Whether you prefer white or dark meat, boneless or bone-in, there is no denying the versatility and deliciousness of chicken.



Chilled, Frozen & IQF

Whole Turkeys, Double Breast (Butterflies), Single Breast (Lobes), Saddles (Double Breast on Bone), Thigh Meat, 

Diced Products

Turkey meat is a popular and healthy protein option that many people around the world enjoy. It is a lean meat that is low in fat and high in protein, making it a great choice for those who are looking to maintain a healthy diet.


Turkey meat can be cooked in various ways, from roasting a whole turkey to grilling turkey burgers or even making turkey meatballs. It is also a versatile ingredient that can be used in a wide range of dishes, from sandwiches and salads to casseroles and stews.


Additionally, turkey meat is a good source of essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B6, niacin, and selenium, which can help support a healthy immune system and promote overall well-being. So whether you are looking for a healthy protein option or a tasty addition to your favourite dishes, turkey meat is worth considering.

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Whole Ducks, Duck Breast, Duck Legs, Duck Fat

Duck meat is known for its tender, juicy texture and distinct flavour, which is often described as gamey and slightly sweet.

There are many ways to prepare duck, including roasting, grilling, and braising. Some popular dishes that feature duck as the main ingredient include Peking duck, duck confit, and duck à l'orange.

In addition to its tasty meat, duck is also valued for its rich and flavorful fat. Duck fat is a popular ingredient for cooking and baking, and it is often used to add depth and richness to dishes like potatoes, pastries, and sauces.

Overall, duck is a delicious and nutritious food that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Whether you're a meat lover or a foodie looking to try something new, duck is worth exploring.




Whole Goose, Goose Breast, Goose Legs, Goose Fat

Goose is a food that has been enjoyed by many cultures throughout history. It is a type of poultry that is larger and richer in flavour than chicken.


Goose meat is often described as having a darker, gamier taste and a tender texture. It is a popular dish during the holiday season, especially in Europe and North America, where it is often served roasted with stuffing and a variety of side dishes.


Goose is also used in making delicious pâtés and terrines. Despite its popularity, goose is generally more expensive than chicken or turkey, but it is well worth the cost for a special occasion or a treat.

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