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Endless possibilities with food and drink.

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“Working together with all kinds of food and drink products, ingredients and brands to help create opportunities and support mutual growth".

It's not just poultry that we want to limit our options to.  The Poultry Service Plus is the arm of our business which works and provides support to producers of all different types of diverse food and drink commodities and brands, by with pairing produce with customers requirements. 

Our service set remains the same; providing help and support to all kinds of accredited producers and brands, through Sales & Supply Partnership Development, Collaboration and Creative Design. 

We would love to work with you to see what partnerships we can help build with products and brands within your organisation.

How We Can Help

Product Range Innovation & Growth.

Have you recently launched a product or brand into the marketplace and are looking to increase its exposure and grow your customer base? We would love to work with you in developing sales and new markets for your ideas.

Branding Portfolio

Alternative Meats

We would love to hear from producers and users of products such as Beef, Lamb, Pork and other types of Red Meat.

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Vegan & Plant Based

Working together and supporting sales growth of Vegan and Plant Based products and brands.

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Further Processing

Bespoke packaging, labelling and production methods at the point of production.



Working to grow opportunities and ideas with original and diverse food ingredients.

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