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Risk Assessment & Due-Dilligence

Using Reliable Business Intelligence To Measure Business Risk. 

Reviewing Reports at Desk
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We partner with Creditsafe who are trusted by more than 100,000 companies worldwide, as part of our due diligence when exploring opportunities and recommending new clients. 

Through Creditsafe intelligence, along with our additional referencing and due diligence, we are able to carry out in-depth checks and measure risk, prior to beginning and growing any business with any clients and opening any new accounts. 

We would provide you with detailed credit reports and risk assessments prior to opening an account or deciding internal credit terms with any of our customers, to help aid a decision. 

Business Verification

Verify a company is genuine, and confirm its registered details, address and legal status. 

Company Ownership 

Understand the true ownership of any company and its ultimate beneficial owner. 

Credit Score & Limit

See a company's credit score and maximum recommended credit limit. 

Key Risk Indicators 

Confirm if your customer or supplier has any CCJ's, late or missed payments.

Financial Performance 

Full financials let you understand if a company is growing and financially stable. 

Directors and Shareholders 

Verify the identity of company directors and perform additional PEP and Sanction checks. 

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