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Remote Project Management &
Consultancy Agreements

"Providing your business with support, as and when you need us"

We can offer to help by providing in-house guidance, consultancy and support on a bespoke basis using our 25+ years of industry experience to suit your business needs.

Upon learning all about your business, we can jointly create a tailored consultancy and support service, passing on care, knowledge and value to your business by offering our industry experience.


For an agreed weekly or monthly fee, we can offer to help your business with:


  • General Consultancy & Business Support

  • Internal Project / Sector Management

  • Detailed Reporting Services Through Our SOAR Software

  • Support with Strategic Planning

  • Company & Brand Representation

  • Confidentiality Through Non-Disclosure Agreements


All remote consultancy and specialist support work is done in the strictest confidence and we are always a call away if there are any opportunities to collaborate.

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